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Explore a wealth of resources across the design space, from design thinking and management, to graphic design, interactive design, illustration and typography. Each book emphasises creative inspiration for visual learners and is packed with images, case studies, practitioner interviews and exercises and assignments.

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Visual Communication Design
Introduction to Graphic Design
Becoming a Successful Illustrator
The Production Manual
Visual Research

Key terms and concepts

The Visual Dictionary of Graphic Design    |    The Visual Dictionary of Illustration    |    The Visual Dictionary of Pre-Press & Production    |    The Visual Dictionary of Typography

Discipline overviews

The Fundamentals of Creative Design    |    The Fundamentals of Design Management    |    The Fundamentals of Graphic Design    |    The Fundamentals of Illustration    |    The Fundamentals of Product Design    |    The Fundamentals of Typography

Introductions to key topics 


Basics Design 05: Colour    |    Basics Design: Print & Finish    |    Design Thinking for Visual Communication


Basics Graphic Design 01: Approach and Language    |    Basics Graphic Design 02: Design Research    |    Basics Graphic Design 03: Idea Generation    |    Format for Graphic Designers    |    Layout for Graphic Designers    |    Grids for Graphic Designers


Basics Interactive Design: Interface Design    |    User Experience Design: A Practical Introduction


Basics Product Design 02: Material Thoughts    |    Basics Product Design 03: Visual Conversations    |    Idea Searching for Design


Basics Typography 02: Using Type    |    Typography


Basics Illustration 02: Sequential Images    |    Basics Illustration 03: Text and Image    |    Basics Illustration 04: Global Contexts    |    Thinking Visually for Illustrators

Topics in depth

Communication Design    |    Creative Research    |    Data-driven Graphic Design    |    Design for Sustainable Change    |    Design Genius    |    Design Management    |    Good: An Introduction to Ethics in Graphic Design    |    Illustration: A Theoretical and Contextual Perspective    |    Introduction to Graphic Design    |    Packaging the Brand    |    Reportage Illustration    |    Sustainable Thinking    |    The Layout Book    |    The Principles & Processes of Interactive Design    |    The Production Manual    |    Thinking: Objects: Contemporary Approaches to Product Design    |    Verbalising the Visual    |    Visual Communication    |    Visual Communication Design    |    Visual Research    |    Visible Signs    |    Vision and Values in Design Management


Becoming a Successful Graphic Designer    |    Becoming a Successful Illustrator    |    Inside Art Direction