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Storyboard of an animated movie using a rostrum camera is attached on a wall on September 17, 2015, at the new French center for animated movies in Vendome, central France.

Animation skills inside out

Featured content - July 2024

From illustration to digital animation, read some free content on this dynamic area.

Featured content - How to be original

How to be Original

Featured content - June 2024

On creating one-of-a-kind art and the importance of influence on your artistic process.

Featured content - Art and the Natural World

Art and the Natural World

Featured content - Jan 2024

“Art is a fruit growing out of man like a fruit out of a plant” – Hans Arp.

Featured content - Neoliberalism and sustainability

Neoliberalism and sustainability

Featured content - Nov 2023

‘Should one imitate the past . . . or should one look towards the future and adapt architectural design to the modern lifestyle’ – Vartan Hovanessian.

Photo of Daniel Arsham's sculpture 'Unearthed Bronze Eroded Melpomene' at Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Outdoor Wonders

Featured content - Oct 2023
Designs in, and inspired by, the great outdoors.

Men and Rocks at Grotto, Corot, Jean-Baptiste-Camille, 1828.

Tools for Researching the Art Market

Video - June 2023

Experience the Bloomsbury Art Markets launch event and panel discussion.

Sotheby's employees pose with the newly completed work by the artist Banksy entitled 'Love is in the Bin'

Arts and Disruption

Featured content - March 2023

"Future arts will be disruptions of situations, or nothing” – Guy Debord, 1952