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About Bloomsbury Visual Arts

The Bloomsbury Visual Arts digital hub brings Bloomsbury’s leading visual arts resources together onto one cross-searchable platform to support an interdisciplinary approach to studies, teaching, and research.

Its collections have been designed to fit together seamlessly so that access to any combination of them provides a rich experience for users of all levels. They span textbooks, reference, primary material, monographs and multimedia to offer a diverse, engaging and authoritative study and research environment.

The Bloomsbury Visual Arts hub comprises Bloomsbury Design Library, Bloomsbury Applied Visual Arts, Bloomsbury International Encyclopedia of Surrealism and Bloomsbury Art Markets, an authoritative international guide for art trade research, as well as our award-winning Bloomsbury Architecture Library and Architecture Design and Practice Online.

It is also home to the Printmaking, Applied Gaming, Ceramics, Photography, Design Studies, Packt Game Development and Animation, and Animation Practice collections.

If you are a librarian, you can arrange access to all current or future collections via the Trials and Purchasing button below. Faculty members can use this form to recommend a trial of any existing or forthcoming collections to their library.

Benefits for users

  • Discover interdisciplinary content across closely connected fields seamlessly - ideal for research and learning within related courses or modules.
  • Explore landing pages for each individual resource, or curated thematic pages based on popular searches and course titles, all underpinned by the overarching taxonomy.
  • Search and navigate by common themes such as artistic movements spanning architecture, interiors, visual culture and craft.
  • Harness learning resources including subject guides, lesson plans and bibliographic guides to support teaching and study within and across collections.

Benefits for administrators

  • Purchase collections individually, and users will only see content on the hub to which they have access via their library.
  • Take advantage of a wide range of upcoming content sets (2024/25) to support delivery of courses at your institution.