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From film-making basics to the principles of animation, motion graphics and game design, BAVA offers a wide range of practical resources for moving image students. With advice from award-winning animators like Barry Purves and Nancy Beiman and a primer on the language of film, this is the perfect starting point for any budding filmmaker.

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Cartoon Character Animation with Maya
The Fundamentals of Animation
Stop-motion Animation
Animated Performance
The Language of Film
Animation in Context

Discipline overviews

The Fundamentals of Animation    |    The Fundamentals of Film-Making

Introductions to key topics 


Basics Film-Making 01: Producing    |    Basics Film-Making 02: Screenwriting    |    Basics Film-Making 03: Directing Fiction    |    The Language of Film 


Basics Animation 01: Scriptwriting    |   Basics Animation 03: Drawing for Animation    |   Digital Animation    |    Stop-motion Animation

Topics in depth

Animated Performance    |    Animation in Context    |    Art History for Filmmakers    |    Cartoon Character Animation with Maya    |    Motion Graphics    |    Production Design for Screen    |    Sketching for Animation    |    The Moving Image Workshop    |    Video Game Design


Video Games: An Introduction to the Industry