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Anyone looking to develop their understanding of marketing, advertising and branding need look no further. With introductions to consumer behaviour, online marketing and marketing management you’ll gain a solid grounding in the principles, before moving on to packaging and brand-driven innovation.

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Consumer Behaviour
The Fundamentals of Marketing
Brand-driven Innovation
Online Marketing
Packaging the Brand
Social Media for Fashion Marketing

Discipline overviews

The Fundamentals of Digital Fashion Marketing    |    The Fundamentals of Marketing

Introductions to key topics 

Basics Advertising 01: Copywriting     |    Fashion Promotion: Building a Brand Through Marketing and Communication    |    Basics Marketing 01: Consumer Behaviour    |    Basics Marketing 02: Online Marketing    |    Basics Marketing 03: Marketing Management

Topics in depth

Brand-driven Innovation    |    Communication Design: Insights from the Creative Industries    |    Fashion Promotion in Practice    |    Kiss & Sell: Writing for Advertising    |    Marketing Fashion Footwear    |    Packaging the Brand    |    Social Media for Fashion Marketing