About Bloomsbury Art Markets

Protagonists. Networks. Provenances.

A landmark digital reference work exclusive to Bloomsbury Digital Resources, Bloomsbury Art Markets is a comprehensive guide to art galleries, auction houses, art fairs, and agents from multiple national and historical contexts.

The first scholarly guide of its kind online, this new digital resource is specially designed to serve the expanding research areas of art market studies, art historiography and provenance research.

Led by Editor-in-Chief Johannes Nathan and supported by a distinguished internal team of editors and advisors, Bloomsbury Art Markets is an essential resource for scholars and researchers, as well as art world professionals.

Content Highlights

  • Over 4000 peer-reviewed articles combine factual data with biographical information and historical narratives
  • Entries outline principal activities by listing exhibitions, clients, regular partners, and major artists whose works were sold
  • Selected bibliographies facilitate further research, as well as information on archival material and its whereabouts