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Many of the collections on Bloomsbury Visual Arts update annually. You can see recent updates on our News and Updates page.

Packt Game Development and Animation

Coming February 2024

Coming soon to the Bloomsbury Visual Arts hub, the Packt Game Development and Animation collection will provide vital practical knowledge for students of video game design and digital animation. It is an essential resource for hands-on game development and animation courses.

The 57 Packt Publishing technical titles provide superb software-focused content for using Unity, Unreal Engine, Godot, Blender, Clip Studio and more. It will span game technology tools from shaders and effects, to architecture, coding and motion graphics - all core components of game design.

In-depth, up-to-date and coherent in scope, Packt Game Development and Animation collection includes the following:

  • Unreal Engine 5 Character Creation, Animation, and Cinematics by Henk Venter and Wilhelm Ogterop
  • Unity Artificial Intelligence Programming by Davide Aversa
  • Godot Engine Game Development Projects by Chris Bradfield
  • Up and Running with Affinity Designer by Kevin House
  • OpenGL 4 Shading Language Cookbook by David Wolff

This collection will be available as part of the Bloomsbury Visual Arts digital hub alongside related, complementary collections such as Applied Gaming and Animation Practice. It will be updated annually to ensure that students have access to the latest material in this rapidly changing creative field.

Forthcoming architecture collections to the Bloomsbury Visual Arts Hub

Global Encyclopedia of Women in Architecture

Filling a major gap in architectural historiography - the first authoritative reference to women architects and their work, and to key terms for gender and feminism in architecture. With over 1,000 entries and 600 images, covering 135 countries, all fully cross-searchable and browsable by theme, online and exclusive to the platform.

Encyclopedia of Vernacular Architecture of the World 2nd edition

Exclusive to the platform, the definitive resource for the study of the world’s vernacular and traditional building cultures. The second edition of this classic work will present a major development in the field, its expanded scope capturing two decades of concerted effort to document and understand the world’s fast-disappearing traditional and vernacular building cultures.

It will feature 3,000 illustrated entries written by the world’s leading scholars of vernacular architecture and material culture, all fully cross-searchable and browsable by theme.